Fine Art Print of my very own!


“Meraki, a word modern Greeks use to describe doing something with the soul, creativity or love. – When you put “Something of yourself into what you’re doing.” I love this word because it describes perfectly how I feel about photography, so I though tit would be appropriate to put as my the title of my first fine art print!

I took this photo on my com 316 photo excursion in victor Idaho. It was a super snowy day and i decided to take advantage of it and use the contrast of Vanessa’s hair against all the white. I didn’t have to edit much, I just sharpened it a little. Then I went to quick ship and copy and got it printed on a 16×24 mount. And now it is hung up in the Spori building in the first floor lobby! It is amazing how a quality image can look so much better on a print.


Awesome long exposure light Painting

Light painting is so awesome!

For those of you who don’t know what light painting is, its where you are in a dark place and you leave your shutter open. Then you use an outside light, like a flashlight, to paint the light where you want it! This is such a cool tactic because it gives you more control over how your images will turn out. It is so easy and gives your images such an awesome look to them. Also, this tactic will work with landscape, product, portrait, macro and basically any type of photography! Working with this gives you a better understanding of light and the power of it. hopefully you can see how awesome light painting is from all of these pictures.

check out dave black photography for some seriously cool light painting!


Grand Teton National Park Wild Life

Wild Life in the Tetons

While I was visiting Grand Teton National Park, I was lucky enough to to be able to run into some deer, mountain goats, and even some moose! It was the craziest thing, I was sitting in the car with some of my friends on the photo excursion in Jackson Wyoming, then one of them yells “MOOSE”. So we all run out trying to get an awesome shot of the moose. All though, I think most of us got a little too close to the moose than we should have…it was okay though because nobody got hurt. Grand Teton National Park was so awesome and full of beautiful wildlife! That is where we saw all of the mountain goats and elk showed in the images below.




Macro Water

Water droplets close up and personal

I love macro shots of water! I don’t know what it is, but adding water to a macro shot makes it look magical. There are so many different ways to shoot it. The water droplets splashing in the water are my favorite. They’re my favorite because there are so many different stages of the drop in such a fast time, you can never predict what you are going to get and they turn out awesome! Getting the droplets to hang off of the stem (1st photo) is actually a difficult task. plants repel water, so getting them to stick is a miracle from Heaven. A good way to get cool looking water on plants is with a spray bottle. With that, you get a lot of miniature droplets that look super cool. Another trick while shooting macro is to always use Manual focus. If you use auto, it will  take forever.


Macro Still Life

Up close on the Products

For this project I used a macro lens to see what I could find in the details. Macro is really cool because you are able to see every single detail, and its super cool. I thought it was incredible to see the details within the details and the shapes within the shapes. I feel like macro is the man behind the mask. It reveals the secrets behind the ordinary. A difficult part of macro is composition, because you are dealing a lot of details and its not super easy to see from far away what would look good up close. Its like a new experience composing what you want from the view finder. I have learned a ton from shooting with macro, and am now able to look at a photo and see so many different perspectives.



Outdoor Fauna and Flora

Macro Shots in the Outdoors

I will be the first person to tell you that shooting macro shots of living things outside in the frozen tundra is not the easiest thing in the world. It forces you to really look at every detail and makes you access the creative parts of your mind that lets you see that anything can look cool. It was interesting to look at the world by every detail it has to offer. I realized there’s a lot of  simply beautiful things in the world that we look right over everyday. Even all of the dead plants and bugs have a cool charm about them. Macro is super cool because you have to get in super close and notice every detail. I loved shooting these macro shots because it puts such a cool perspective on simple things.


Art is what you can get away with

Andy Warhol Inspired



treesFor this project, I had to take a picture and make it look like a watercolor painting. The trees in the back I took originally, and in Photoshop I applied watercolor effect of eh picture. Andy Warhol has inspired me to do this specific composition with the landscape and the texture in the background. I think it looks really cool because i love the transitions between the colors. Because the background is so simple, the trees and colors within the trees are able to stand out. I also like how the texture of the trees contrasts the background of the paper-like texture of the “sky.”  This process was difficult to complete however because I had to find the right colors. The typography was also difficult to find in relation to the trees. The trees also lack a sharp edge, so it was hard to get them to look as crisp as I wanted them to.

Creative Composit

Levitation is awesome

For my creative composit i wanted to do a levitation assignment because they look awesome! So for it, I took a picture of Natalie and a picture of a background and put them together. I kept it simple because I didn’t feel like it needed anything and it would distract from the feel.


Food Photography

Shooting Food

Food photography is super fun! Getting the light just right can be hard at times, but if you can get it right, its so worth it! That is, if you don’t eat it first. I personally like to shoot people with the food because it gives it character. As you will be able to see from my photos. I also like more dark lit photos, unless it is with fruit. I feel like dark it photos give the photo more of a restaurant feel.


Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce shoot

This shoot was difficult because its hard to figure out the correct lighting and composition. But if you get it right the photos can look super cool. It was also difficult not to eat it as I was shooting  it! I have found the simpler the better. Fruit and Veggies are not complicated things, so why complicate them? And apples are my favorite.


Emma Simkins

image of Emma Simkins

I am a photographer, born and raised in Rexburg Idaho. I am currently attending BYU-Idaho, majoring in visual communications.

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