Architecture Photography – exterior

Architecture Photography – exterior

Mountain Lofts Exterior Architecture

For this  shoot I went to the mountain Lofts apartment complex on BYU – I campus and shot the exterior of the complex. This complex has such a beautiful design and feel to it, I really wanted to showcase that in my pictures. So I took it from a lower angle to sow how big and glorious Mountain Lofts is. Fortunately, The weather was good and gave me great lighting to work with. It was overcast which was awesome because there were no harsh shadows to be seen. It also illuminated the colors on the building very nicely. I took a couple different angles so that there would be a few different perspectives on the building.



Special Effects

Special Effects

Giving your Photo something a little extra!

For these shoots the objective was to use some special effects to really make the photos stand out. I used some fog and gels and some sugar on the berries. If you don’t know what gels are, they are colored plastic things you put over your light to make the light a certain color. For the berries I put up a black background so the berries would stand out. Then, I had a a clamp hod up the spoon to keep it still so that I could focus on it. To add a cool effect I sprinkled some sugar on the berries and it made the picture look awesome! For the fog pictures, I had two speed lights to light up either side of the subject. Then I put red and blue gels on the lights ti have a split color/light effect. Last I added the fog for a second and way cool special affect.

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Epic Portrait

Epic Portrait

Awesome background, Awesome subject

For this shoot the objective is to have a have a perfectly lit background and subject. To do this, you under expose for the background and that will put your subject in shadow. Then, you put a speed light on the subject and it will light them very nicely. But one thing to seep in mind is that usually you want you subject to be lighter than your background. This shooting tactic is awesome because it helps gain a better understanding of light and because of that, your images look amazing.

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balance the light

over exposed

under exposed

epic portrait

The triangle of light!

The triangle of light!

Using the mobile triangle of light to make beautiful images

What is the triangle of light? It is when there is a photographer, a model or object, and an auxiliary light source. These three things make the three point of a triangle. The photographer stands in front of the object and is holding the auxiliary light source out to the side, making a mobile triangle of light. This is actually kind of difficult to accomplish, because I’m trying to look through the camera and focus on where my arm is to get the right angle of light at the same time. But once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome tactic for professional looking images. The reason the mobile triangle is so useful is because you can get an awesome lit background and subject. what you do is first, expose for the background. This will make your subject in shadow and all dark. This is where the triangle comes in, then you just flash the light on them and you have an amazingly lit subject and background!

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this one his face is distorted, but it has the nice background i wanted to demonstrate


Fine Art Print of my very own!


“Meraki, a word modern Greeks use to describe doing something with the soul, creativity or love. – When you put “Something of yourself into what you’re doing.” I love this word because it describes perfectly how I feel about photography, so I though tit would be appropriate to put as my the title of my first fine art print!

I took this photo on my com 316 photo excursion in victor Idaho. It was a super snowy day and i decided to take advantage of it and use the contrast of Vanessa’s hair against all the white. I didn’t have to edit much, I just sharpened it a little. Then I went to quick ship and copy and got it printed on a 16×24 mount. And now it is hung up in the Spori building in the first floor lobby! It is amazing how a quality image can look so much better on a print.


Awesome long exposure light Painting

Awesome long exposure light Painting

Light painting is so awesome!

For those of you who don’t know what light painting is, its where you are in a dark place and you leave your shutter open. Then you use an outside light, like a flashlight, to paint the light where you want it! This is such a cool tactic because it gives you more control over how your images will turn out. It is so easy and gives your images such an awesome look to them. Also, this tactic will work with landscape, product, portrait, macro and basically any type of photography! Working with this gives you a better understanding of light and the power of it. hopefully you can see how awesome light painting is from all of these pictures.

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