Special Effects

Special Effects

Giving your Photo something a little extra!

For these shoots the objective was to use some special effects to really make the photos stand out. I used some fog and gels and some sugar on the berries. If you don’t know what gels are, they are colored plastic things you put over your light to make the light a certain color. For the berries I put up a black background so the berries would stand out. Then, I had a a clamp hod up the spoon to keep it still so that I could focus on it. To add a cool effect I sprinkled some sugar on the berries and it made the picture look awesome! For the fog pictures, I had two speed lights to light up either side of the subject. Then I put red and blue gels on the lights ti have a split color/light effect. Last I added the fog for a second and way cool special affect.

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Bannack Creative

While in Bannack I had to get pretty creative.

To match the theme and make it a little more real, I did a levitation and ghost photos. Then I also got abstract and commercial photos to do somthing different. On top of all that, I did a conceptual photo to tell a story.









This is my conceptual photo.The concept is that the cowboy is at a bar really contemplating something. But you cant tell what his emotion is.



Details in life

Macro all up in your face.

For this assignment we had to find all the details in around us. Which is basically what macro is. I really love the water droplets on flowers, I feel like it gives a cool perspective that isn’t super abstract and makes sense. I also really like Macro because it gives the feel of appreciating the details that we normally look past. While taking Macro shots you want to remember to have a higher aperture because the depth of field is already going to be so shallow with your lens.

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Creative Composit

Levitation is awesome

For my creative composit i wanted to do a levitation assignment because they look awesome! So for it, I took a picture of Natalie and a picture of a background and put them together. I kept it simple because I didn’t feel like it needed anything and it would distract from the feel.