Art in the shop

Art in the shop


My dad approached me a while ago and said that he liked some of my work and wanted to hang it up in his shop (He owns an auto repair shop). Since he is a very busy man, we have had quite a few different sit-downs while I showed him my work, and he showed me which ones he had in mind.

He picked out the ones he thought would look best for the walls in the shop, which I was impressed at how much of a creative eye he has. But, he is still currently deciding on how big he wants the prints to be. He would also like some custom made for the shop when he has time to think of an idea for it, but for now this is all he is asking for.

This was different than I was expecting because I thought I would be having to point out the different images that would go best with the design already in the rooms. To my surprise, he knew exactly what he wanted and what would look good in his shop. I almost felt like I was the amateur!





Fine Art in Bannack

Bannack Ghost Town, Fine Art

While I was in Bannack Ghost town in Montana, there were so many cool and unique things to shoot! Because it is old and run down, it gave  a whole new world of opportunities to shoot things we dont see anymore. I hopeyou enjoy my old ghost town, fine art images!