Safe Haven Movie Poster

Safe Haven Movie Poster

Safe Haven re-created to my own desire!

I have always loved the movie Safe Haven, and I have the same hair as Julianne Hough so I thought I might as well use Safe Haven for my movie poster. In this process, I had a few struggles I had to work through. The lighting was a bit difficult to achieve because I needed to use both natural light and studio, but then I had to make it look all like natural. Also, the guy I was modeling with is 6’9, so that was fun to work with! Thanks to I found the perfect background to match the Safe Haven movie poster. When I got critique from my fellow classmates, Alex helped me out with getting my movie words at the bottom the right size. Emilyn and Heleman helped me out with my lighting and making it the right brightness. This project was so much fun and I hope everyone enjoys it!Emma-simkins-safe-haven-movie-poster

Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary shot (OS-ES)

Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary shot (OS-ES)

Using imagination to create something fantastic out of the ordinary!

The objective of the OS-ES is to take an average place or thing and make it EXTRAordinary. This is such a cool concept and made me think about the simple things and how they could be great. It actually gave me a better perspective on life because I had to notice things that weren’t very noticeable and then appreciate them. There are so many amazing things that go unnoticed everyday. Everything has beauty and has value, if we just take the time to look at it. Especially in people, everybody has worth and has great things about them, we just have to take the time to find them. I know that I always have a better day if I take time to get to know people and find the good things in life.





SQIBB Lighting

SQIBB Lighting

Lighting with the SQIBB method.

SQIBB stands for Studio Quality Invisible Black Backdrop. Basically, you can take a picture literally anywhere, like the park or inside your living room, and it will look like it was taken in a studio with a black backdrop. This is achieved by using a speed light with a “snoot” to focus the light in a specific spot. Then by manipulating the camera settings, the ambient light is not visible, the only light that will be picked up is by the speed light. This method is super useful if you want something diverse. Its also very useful if there isn’t any good place with good lighting/background. SQIBB is so easy and makes you look like a really experienced photographer. I loved using this concept because I could get super creative and there are so many different variations to do so many things.









Lighting Headshots

Lighting Headshots

Portrait Lighting Patterns

For this shoot I was experimenting with head shots and the different lighting patters on the face. These portraits are so cool because you get to see how just a different position of a light can make people look different. Lighting is such a powerful thing, it’s surprising to see how one lighting pattern can look awesome on one person, then on another person it can make someone look funny. It doesn’t only apply to portraits either. If you look at landscapes or animals or anything you are taking a picture of, the lighting sets the mood. Depending on what the light is, it will make or break a picture. But luckily, with these head shots, it was easy to manipulate the light and make it look just the way I want it. It also helps that my models are so great and made everything easy.