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Gentle Giant

Bannack Fine Art

I took this photo of Gerald at Bannack Ghost town in Montana. I love this photo because his eyes are so telling, he is such a big tough guy, but his eyes look so gentle (hence, gentle giant). For the edits I took a white brush and highlighted his eyes then blurred it. Then I took made a sharp mask and sharpened the parts tat needed it. I used the patch tool to take out some things in the background. Last i used color balance and made it less yellow. gerald-new




My top 5

Top images of the Semester

I like these because they are all so different and i feel best represent my style. I also took into consideration on how well they would print.


Bannack Portraits


natural light

Einstein strobe

Einstein strobe






rogue flash







speed light




Bannack Creative

While in Bannack I had to get pretty creative.

To match the theme and make it a little more real, I did a levitation and ghost photos. Then I also got abstract and commercial photos to do somthing different. On top of all that, I did a conceptual photo to tell a story.









This is my conceptual photo.The concept is that the cowboy is at a bar really contemplating something. But you cant tell what his emotion is.



Fine Art in Bannack

Bannack Ghost Town, Fine Art

While I was in Bannack Ghost town in Montana, there were so many cool and unique things to shoot! Because it is old and run down, it gave  a whole new world of opportunities to shoot things we dont see anymore. I hopeyou enjoy my old ghost town, fine art images!



Details in life

Macro all up in your face.

For this assignment we had to find all the details in around us. Which is basically what macro is. I really love the water droplets on flowers, I feel like it gives a cool perspective that isn’t super abstract and makes sense. I also really like Macro because it gives the feel of appreciating the details that we normally look past. While taking Macro shots you want to remember to have a higher aperture because the depth of field is already going to be so shallow with your lens.

Also, check out





people photography

Portrait Photography



full body

head shots

eye enhancements

group activity

group pose


side comp

color match

color match original

The Magic of Reflectors

Reflectors work wonders

This assignment is to show the different ways you can use a reflector and how useful they are. I used a silver reflector outside and the gold reflector inside. The one where he is eating a cheez-it is the before a reflector and the one where he is sitting by a window is with the gold reflector. Then I also used the white side of the reflector for a white background because there was no sun to diffuse or block. I love he way the gold look on him with his red hair and completion. I think its amazing how much of a difference it makes to have that little bit of light reflecting back onto a person.



Depth of field

Shallow and deep depth of field


Black and White trees, Jan 31, 3pm at Porter Park. Focal Length: 40mm. F stop: 13. Shutter Speed: 50. Camera: Nikon 3300


Center trees. Jan 31, 3pm at Porter Park. Focal Lengeth:18mm  Fstop: 13 Shutter Speed: 50 Camera: Nikon 3300

Red pipe. Jan 31, 2pm on Ash Ave. Focal Length: 50mm  F stop:4  Shutter Speed:250  Camera: Nikon 3300


Trampoline Ice. Jan 31, 2pm on Ash Ave. Focal Length:55mm  Fstop:4  Shutter Speed:250  Camera: Nikon 3300


Ice: Jan 31, 2pm on Ash Ave Focal length: 55mm Fstop: 4 Shutter Speed: 250 Camera: NIkon 3300

Tucker: Jan 31, 2pm on Ash Ave. Focal Length 170  Fstop 5.3 Shutter Speed 8 Camera Nikon 3300

Emma Simkins

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I am a photographer, born and raised in Rexburg Idaho. I am currently attending BYU-Idaho, majoring in visual communications.

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