Digital Imaging

Freeze and blur motion

1 shopping cart, 2. Jan. 24,

1 face blur, 2. Jan 24,

1 hair blur, 2. Jan 24

1 friends twirling, 2. Jan 21,

1 girl twirling, 2. Jan 21,

1 hair in wind, 2. Jan 21,


Photo book layout

I love dark lit photos and studio, so I might as well make a whole spread for it right? I wanted a dark background to go with the Low Key theme. At first I went with black, but I wanted to make the photos pop more, so I chose a super dark blue background. The layout was difficult to figure because my images aren’t the same perspective, so it was hard to match. But they all had the same unique dark feeling, which is what inspired me to put them together. Then to add a little splash of design I put the line behind my title.

Past Photos

Past Photos

Hi, I’m Emma Simkins! I am from Rexburg Idaho, born and raised. I started photography when I was a Sophmore in High School, ever since then my passion for photography has only continued to grow.

This is a picture of my friend Chiara, I love this because of how simple it is and I love the light. edit: highlights, unsharp mask.

This is a picture of my friend Ty. We took pictures in his ski gear at the sand dunes, in the summer. Most people want summer in the winter, but he wanted winter in the summer. edit: highlights, clarity

I just love the composition edit: highights, clarity

I thought the symmetry just looked super cool. edit: saturation, exposure

who doesn’t love marmosets. edit: clarity, color balance, exposure.

who doesn’t love polar bears. edit: color balance, clarity

It looks like the beach, but it actually salt. edit: Exposure, clarity, and a lot of masks

Still not the beach. I love the simplicity. edit: clarity, highlights

I love the catch lights. edit: highlights, unsharp mask

edgy is always cool. edit: clarity, highlights

Emma Simkins

image of Emma Simkins

I am a photographer, born and raised in Rexburg Idaho. I am currently attending BYU-Idaho, majoring in visual communications.

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