Food and Product shot in the Frozen Tundra

For this shoot I had to get creative with using my resources. I had to shoot food and products outside, which does not provide much room for diversity. So, for the Triscuits I wanted to make the illusion of just having them on a white background, instead of making them look like they are in snow. And it worked! I love the simplicity, and the snow was actually very useful because I could use it to put the box and triscuits at an angle. As for the Jarritos, I wanted to use a different angle on cold beverages. It was more of a pun, because its a beverage in the cold. And the Hot cocoa is kind of self-explained, its cold outside so I put gloves to imply its cold, along with the fact that its in snow. Then I put the mug next to it with #love so that you want to drink it.