My name is Emma Simkins, a visual communications major at BYU-Idaho. I am applying for a photography position at your company.I have been doing photography for 3 years and have extensive knowledge on most genres of photography. I am also very versatile on my editing knowledge. I was trained in camera raw and Photoshop, but have since been taught in many adobe programs (Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign etc..). I have capability to do some basic graphic design projects along with my photography.

Because these are all skills apart of my major, I have great opportunities to work with some of the best in their field and get trained by them. Besides all of my knowledge, this is my passion, when I am passionate about something, you have not met a harder working person. I constantly try to come up with new and innovative ways to create my work and make it something people stop to see and will remember. I want my work to stand out from everyone else’s they see.

I bring a good and fun spirit to all work environments and have a very productive vibe about me. I have been thanked by many employers for the energy i bring to the workplace.

Is there a time we can interview and discuss the job? I can bring more of my work, I have some books and an online portfolio I will bring.


Emma Simkins