Safe Haven re-created to my own desire!

I have always loved the movie Safe Haven, and I have the same hair as Julianne Hough so I thought I might as well use Safe Haven for my movie poster. In this process, I had a few struggles I had to work through. The lighting was a bit difficult to achieve because I needed to use both natural light and studio, but then I had to make it look all like natural. Also, the guy I was modeling with is 6’9, so that was fun to work with! Thanks to I found the perfect background to match the Safe Haven movie poster. When I got critique from my fellow classmates, Alex helped me out with getting my movie words at the bottom the right size. Emilyn and Heleman helped me out with my lighting and making it the right brightness. This project was so much fun and I hope everyone enjoys it!Emma-simkins-safe-haven-movie-poster