Using the mobile triangle of light to make beautiful images

What is the triangle of light? It is when there is a photographer, a model or object, and an auxiliary light source. These three things make the three point of a triangle. The photographer stands in front of the object and is holding the auxiliary light source out to the side, making a mobile triangle of light. This is actually kind of difficult to accomplish, because I’m trying to look through the camera and focus on where my arm is to get the right angle of light at the same time. But once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome tactic for professional looking images. The reason the mobile triangle is so useful is because you can get an awesome lit background and subject. what you do is first, expose for the background. This will make your subject in shadow and all dark. This is where the triangle comes in, then you just flash the light on them and you have an amazingly lit subject and background!

you guys should check out Brooke Shaden!



this one his face is distorted, but it has the nice background i wanted to demonstrate